Agencies: Commercial

These agencies are very focused on people. And that means: everyone. The wallflower colleague, the ultimate nerd, the yuppie. Oddball characters, beer bellies, hipster beards, just as well as dowdy grannies and hyper nervous mothers.

These agencies look for recognizable types, who wish to feature in a commercial or on a billboard. Give them the portfolio you created with a professional photographer and MUA.

Commercial Agencies - Casting.Coach

step-by-step plan

how to put yourself on the market

Preparation - Casting.Coach

01 - preparation

what do you stand for, and what do you need to profile yourself?

Registration - Casting.Coach

02 - registration

agencies will hopefully include you in their portfolio and promote you

Follow-up - Casting.Coach

03 - follow-up

brand awareness and brand connotation will help you get recognized