Agencies: Fashion

These agencies focus on youth, perfect sizes and looks. They do not represent the average young person, but rather the unique types that are unusual to find. Give them the portfolio you created with a professional photographer and MUA.

Requirements women (age 14 -25):

175 -180 cm, dress size 34-36, chest 34 cm, hips < 90 cm

Requirements men (age 16 and up):

180 - 188 cm, toned, chest 94 – 106 cm, hips 76 – 81 cm

step-by-step plan

how to put yourself on the market

Preparation - Casting.Coach

01 - preparation

what do you stand for, and what do you need to profile yourself?

Registration - Casting.Coach

02 - registration

agencies will hopefully include you in their portfolio and promote you

Follow-up - Casting.Coach

03 - follow-up

brand awareness and brand connotation will help you get recognized

Fashion Agencies - Casting.Coach