Step-by-step plan

You want to become an actor or model. Great! Being motivated is the first step. But how do you start? How do you put yourself out there? Because the competition is fierce, there's no doubt about that.

Below you will find a step-by-step plan with how you can make it in this business. Read how you can profile yourself and on which doors to knock.

step-by-step plan

how to put yourself on the market

Decide - Casting.Coach

01 – decide

you have no issues with being seen in public or being recognized

Portfolio - Casting.Coach

04 - portfolio

have professional photos taken and make a portfolio based on your profile

Launch - Casting.Coach

07 - launch

get agencies to promote you and be discovered by decision-makers

Choose - Casting.Coach

02 – choose

do you want to become a fashion model, do you prefer commercial work, or perhaps only do voice work?

Online - Casting.Coach

05 - online

make sure you have a strong online presence on social media and a personal website

Wait - Casting.Coach

08 - wait

wait for offers from your agency; this may take a while

Profile - Casting.Coach

03 – profile

how do you put yourself on the market: do you work only for high-end names or for budget brands too?

Sign Up - Casting.Coach

06 - sign up

send in your portfolio to different casting agencies

Contact - Casting.Coach

09 - contact

your agency is always your point of contact for requests and problems

Step-by-stap-plan - Casting.Coach